"So, what do you eat?" A frequent question for vegetarians. This blog is my answer! I share vegetarian recipes and highlights from restaurant visits at home in Tennessee and from my travels as well as a little bit about the fun and failures along the way. Joining me are Mr. Eats (previously known as Significant Omnivore), Mini Eats (formerly Baby Eats), and occasionally Grammy Eats.

"Is Mr. Eats a vegetarian, too?" No, he's an omnivore but I only cook vegetarian meals, so he eats vegetarian at home. And he seems pretty happy as long as I don't make him eat shaved coconut, raw tomato slices, or orange-flavored chocolate.

"Is Mini Eats a vegetarian?" Unfortunately, not really. She started out that way, but as she's grown older, she has wanted to try meat, which I'll allow within reason. For example, she really loves sushi. And as a Memphian, one generation removed, she does like good Memphis-style barbecue.

"What about Grammy Eats?" She grew up eating lots of vegetables and raised me on a lot of vegetables, too though I didn't enjoy them much. Like any good Southern woman of a certain generation, her method is to cook (boil, sometimes steam) vegetables into submission, which is not what I prefer. She does, however make the best cornbread in the world. She really is a great cook. Love you mom!

"Why did you become a vegetarian?" I usually just answer this question by saying, "Some health reasons and some ethical reasons, too." I don't usually try to recruit anyone, but I'm happy to answer more specific questions. I will say that it would be really great if you didn't eat factory farmed meat, though (thanks).

"How long have you been a vegetarian?" Since May 1, 2000. Though for a couple of years, I still ate the occasional piece of raw sushi or raw oyster. But not since 2004.

"Don't you miss eating meat?" I don't. Okay, I do miss the aforementioned sushi, raw oysters, and barbecue sandwiches. I grew up in the barbecue capital of the world--Memphis, Tennessee--and I still consider myself an expert on barbecue (and barbeque, too). And I miss eating a lot of things that have gelatin in them. I'm lookin' at you Starbursts and Moon Pies.

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