Veg*n is shorthand for vegan and vegetarian together. It's an easy way to refer to us jointly. But we are different!

vegan consumes no product derived from animals. Most vegans not only avoid animal-derived food such as meat, eggs, dairy and honey but leather, silk, wool and cosmetics with animal-based ingredients or tested on animals as well. Non-vegan ingredients can show up in some pretty surprising places--most white sugar is refined through bone char and many beers and wines are refined with a product derived from fish or through bone char. People who follow a vegan diet but wear leather, wool, or use down (for example) are often referred to as strict vegetarians.

vegetarian typically just avoids eating meat and ingredients made from animal flesh (such as gelatin). This includes poultry and seafood! Additionally, many vegetarians do not eat cheeses curdled with animal-based rennet. Vegetarians do eat dairy and eggs (also referred to as lacto-ovo vegetarians). "Vegetarians" who eat fish are not vegetarians--they are pescetarians. And those who eat poultry are omnivores just like other people who eat a diet including both meat and vegetables, etc.

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