Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Not only have I not posted anything this year, I haven't been reading much this year. And...I haven't really been cooking. Well, kind of. I'd been pretty blase about Trader Joe's coming to town...blah blah convenience food blah. And I've been spending $60-80 a week there for the last month and a half! The frozen dinners have been perfect for the SO's lunch. And the little tubes of already-made polenta and jars of already-made tapenades and the frozen naan and the envelopes of Indian food...well, I've become TJ-dependent.

Last night, though I actually made lasagna. And we didn't get to eat until 8pm! It felt like it took forever. Unlike opening a can of TJ's vegetarian chili, adding a few more beans to it and serving it with some tortilla chips--that takes less than five minutes!

But I need to get back into actual cooking. Joy's got this great recipe for pizza dough on her site and I intend to make a pizza soon. After I've eaten the TJ's pizza that's in the refrigerator right now...