Thursday, July 2, 2009

A food memory

Out of nowhere the other day, I thought about Carnation Breakfast Squares. And for several days now, I have been craving them.

For those who don't know, they were a food of the 70s. Nutritionally, they were maybe a step up from Little Debbie Snack Cakes, perhaps because of marketing magic and a little boost of vitamins. Regardless, they were always stocked at my grandmother's house and I can still sense the taste of a vanilla Breakfast Square on the tongue of my memory. They were small and came two to a pack. I recall being allowed to eat just one for breakfast (though I ate two during visits when my mom dropped me off in Paris for a week or two--gotta love grandmothers). I didn't like the chocolate; just the vanilla. And they were actually a bit dry, but there was a coating of vanilla frosting and a thin smear of vanilla creme in between two layers of cake. I don't recall them actually tasting like vanilla. Or looking much like vanilla, either--the color of the squares was sort of gray.

Breakfast Squares moved along to the big pantry in the sky well before my grandmother did (so long ago that an image can't even be found by the Google). I remember the first time there weren't any Breakfast Squares at my grandmother's house. I was confused and disappointed. I think neither my mother nor my grandmother understood my attachment to those squares. They were genuine comfort food; they tasted like happiness.

I would love to have one now, though I suspect even if they were still around, they would not be as good as I remember. I think they'd only taste that good if I were eating them in my grandmother's kitchen. And thirty years ago.


Unknown said...

DUDE I didn't know there was such a thing! I would've eaten the crap out of those had I known.

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, I remember those things. I remember the chocolate ones. I remember always thinking I wanted to eat them, but then the reality of it was they made me kind of balk at it. Remember space food? They were like breakfast squares meets tootsie rolls in an aluminum foil type wrapper? Fun 1970s food! I always wanted space food too, but the reality was I balked at that too. ;)

Almost Vegetarian said...

Have you ever eaten a beloved childhood corner store food? I have. What a disappointment. About the only thing that has fared well is potato chips. But, damn it, I can't get the brand I grew up on (and crave and crave) here.

Sigh. Some things just never work out right!


Anonymous said...

Loved these too. Here's a picture:

Anonymous said...
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